Why do you want to be a mentor essay

Church has been a hard sell for a long time. But there’s still a really good case to be made for going. Why do you want to be a mentor essay not just for the devout or orthodox, either. Want to Start a Business?

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When it comes to religious institutions, Americans exhibit some contradiction between their beliefs and their actions. Americans’ bullishness on the positive impact of religious institutions, however, doesn’t fully extend to their active participation in them: only half attend religious services on a monthly basis, and even fewer attend weekly. This number is naturally lowest among those without a particular religious affiliation — a cohort that has been growing in size over the past decade. Recent decline aside, service attendance has been low for much longer than that. Americans would participate in, if they participated.

But the principles outlined apply to attendance at all houses of worship, including mosques, synagogues, etc. Why Don’t People Go to Church? A decline in belief seems like the most obvious answer, and while it does explain part of the reason people aren’t attending religious services, it doesn’t explain everything. The overall rate of church attendance in the U. Rather, it’s gone down because the population’s proportion of Nones — who attend church very rarely — has increased. Thus while a weakening in belief amongst Nones has indeed played a role in decreasing church attendance, so has a general disassociation between belief and the necessity of making some of the outward manifestations traditionally associated with it — like going to church.

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