Social networking waste of time for youth essay

Since social networking sites was introduced, to communicate with friends and family has become social networking waste of time for youth essay when you have access to the internet. The Internet has given us the ability to connect with people from all over the world with a few clicks of a button. Where you can easily send information to a friend or get information from the internet. Facebook, Youtube, Skype and others have attracted millions of users who mostly have integrated these sites into their daily practices.

This, people will take a lot of time on this site to upload or download, information about their career or academic work. People always go online at any time, chat with friends, watch movies online, do some research. Social networking site has become a habit for some people, they find it difficult to learn for an hour without logging into a site next network. Some people have become very smart because they are getting information from this website. Why there has been very poor in academics, as it is easy to get information about any materials for assignments. The popularity of social media is rapidly increasing in the last few decades. This may be due to the students of colleges and universities as well as youth is widely used for global access.

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