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Please sign up to read full document. When I sit back and consider the significant events in my past, the important aspects of my current life, and my future goals, the underlying theme is one of appreciating diversity, especially across ethnic and socioeconomic class lines. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, the product of a Catholic father with roots in Italy and a Jewish mother of Russian and Austrian ancestry. In my early years of education, the frustration with teachers mispronouncing my last name seemed as though it might never end. I remember how my father would approach the administrators of my elementary school before Honor Roll ceremonies to be sure they would pronounce it correctly as I walked across the stage for my moment of glory.

The terror did not end until the seventh grade when I had my first course in Spanish, at which point my teacher had some experience with “exotic” names and got “you-zee-nee” correct on the first try. I believe that I grew more, emotionally, socially, and intellectually, during my four years of high school than during any other period of time thus far. Midwood High School at Brooklyn College attracted students from every part of New York City. Indeed, it provided a rigorous academic environment, and with one college advisor for each graduating class of nearly 700 students, I managed to learn some important lessons about dealing with “the system.

50 in national rankings of high schools. It was at Midwood that I found my academic strengths and was given the tools to pursue them to the fullest extent possible. Because I was placed in a situation with few of the resources many students had in other better-funded schools, I learned how to make the best of the situation. I began to search for a way to address my own concerns about the racial tensions.

Does the task of memoir writing puzzle you? I always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it. Why not start from the very beginning? I was born on a cold winter night, when even time seemed to stand still in my native Bennington, Oklahoma.

I do not remember much of my early childhood, but my Mom said that I was a very active, curious and communicative child. I could ask tens of questions per minute, even without waiting for the answers. I suppose this is why my parents offered me books and educational movies as early as on my 3rd birthday. Describe yourself in a few words. Apart from the fun of imitating the Monty Python skit on the dead parrot, why do I say so? Use heading 1 from the selection above for your main heading.

Do not use abbreviations or insert tables, figures or references into your abstract. You abstract generally should not exceed about 300 words. Research design The research will employ a survey kind of research design where data will be collected from the employees. In his regard the researcher will be able to interact with the staff in the organisation which will make it possible to understand the dynamic factors of the research by having a first hand experience. One advantage with the survey kind of research design is that the researchers will have a chance of experiencing the culture of the organisation in practice rather that getting it from the secondary sources. In the regard the research will collect data from both the worker and the managers of Penine Foods and not from external staffs. This is because the research is supposed to evaluate the effects of culture in those particular organisations.

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