Realism international relations essay

Realism takes an explanatory rather than a normative approach, and Realist concepts provide a pragmatic framework for the effective realism international relations essay of current international issues and events. Old Wine in New Bottles or Africa’s Millennium? This content was written by a student and assessed as part of a university degree.

Realism Today: Can the Pessimistic Perspective Account for Current Events in International Relations? This essay will argue that Realist theory continues to be one of the most accurate tools for understanding the events in the sphere of international relations. Realism takes an explanatory rather than a normative approach to its study of International Relations, and through its analytical character provides a pragmatic framework for the examination of current issues in the international arena. The fundamental principles of this doctrine and their efficacy will be assessed in application to Russia’s behaviour regarding some of the main contemporary problems in world politics. This piece will examine Russia’s attitude towards the Syrian civil war, contrasting it with the position of the same state on the conflict in Libya. To begin with, several aspects related to the ongoing conflict in Syria can be explained through looking at Realist theory. States form the bodies of other actors, such as International Organizations, thus they have influence on the actions of the latter.

For instance, Russia, along with China, as permanent members of the Security Council, vetoed three UN resolutions that aimed to sanction the Syrian regime and cease violence. Accordingly, these states had the influence to block United Nations support of foreign military intervention in Syria. The Russian political class places great importance on sovereignty and it illustrates this view by supporting Damascus. The realist assertion that states are self-interested can assist a deeper analysis of the reasons behind the above mentioned decisions. In contrast to its vote on the resolutions concerning intervention in Syria, in the case above Russia abstained.

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