My father essay in english for class 2

Please forward this error screen to 198. But you should not allow your my father essay in english for class 2 to make mistake of just copying the essay of this site.

I am reccomending to give him a task to write an essay about ‘My Father’. After that you show this site for help. In doing so the child’s creativity will remain intact. You can also allow your child to write an essay about my father in the comment box below.

In this way he will learn computer writing skill with keyboard. My father’s name is X. Or he is an engineer Or he is a teacher. Or he is a doctor etc.

My father loves to play with me. He loves and respect elders of my family. On Sunday I go to market with him. My father helps me in my study. My father takes me on long drive sometimes on Holiday. My father watches award program show on television with me. My father is a good singer.

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