Key to success essay

Hard work is key to success essay key to success. Nothing can be achieved without hard work.

Work, work, ever work, is a great panacea. Edison worked for twenty-one hours a day. He slept only for two or three hours on the laboratory tables with his books as his pillow. Our beloved Prime Minister late Pt. Nehru, worked for seventeen hours a day and seven days a week.

There were no holidays in his calendar. Mahatma Gandhi worked ceaselessly day and night and won freedom for his country. Hard work is the price that we pay for success and all the gifts of life. Were toiling upwards in the night. Constant vigilance and preparedness to work is the price we have to pay for success in life. Man is born to work and prosper in life.

He like steel, shines in use and rusts in rest. It exalts man if it is done honestly. Those who toll are, sooner or later, rewarded with luck and success. A man of action acts in the living present. There is no tomorrow for him.

He makes the best of his time. Life is full of strife. Activity is the law of Nature. A life of idleness is a life of shame and disgrace. Idle men are intruders on society. We are endowed with brain and limbs, which are meant to be properly exercised. Failure in life is very often due to idleness.

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