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During the mid-20th Century, racism was a huge issue in the United States, which the most prominent was the racism of African-Americans. Although all blacks were supposed to be free, under a corrupt law system, blacks were victimized mercilessly. Therefore, blacks decided to try and change the system and multiple civil rights activists and groups appeared. The most notable activist of them was Martin Luther King Jr.

Throughout the 1960s, King engaged in various civil rights boycotts and protests, helping to further the movement and gaining its eventual victory. The speech had a massive impact as it managed to illustrate the racist problems of the time and provoke the audience into feeling sympathy while providing hope to the depressed African-American population. Sadly, the speech also made the movement and King very popular, making his opponents treat him as a threat, causing him to be assassinated 5 years later and he was unable to enjoy the fruits of his work. It struck directly into the hearts of blacks across America, made whites ashamed of their actions and willing to have a new start and shook society to its roots. In just 17 minutes, King influenced and informed the generations and generations of people about racial equality and fairness. This is obvious when analyzing the speech as one can notice that King carefully structures his speech to appeal to the different types of audience, supporting it with the three rhetorical modes of ethos, pathos and logos which are reinforced with different rhetorical tropes and schemes, marking King’s name in history.

King does extremely well in his speech by showing the plight of the Negroes, showing the truth of the civil rights movement and that there is hope in the future. In the first part of his speech, King, cleverly paints a picture of the plight of the Negroes and thoroughly describes their condition. This first makes the whites realize how the blacks are in a terrible plight and make them dislike their actions while striking deep into the hearts of blacks as this clearly paints out their situation. Further on, King continues to emphasize this by continuing to list examples of the Negroes’ problems, which continues to strike at the Negroes as they are stirred by descriptions of their sadness and makes whites uncomfortable as they think that they are the ones responsible for this. Also, King makes references to how America has literally broken their promise to the Negroes by refusing them the rights granted in the Constitution. One problem with the civil rights movement, however, is that many enemies of the movement argue that activists of the movement act aggressively and use violent methods to seek their goals.

This has caused many people to lose their support for their movement. Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people. Through this, King intends to say that the black militants are not supported by the majority of the civil rights movement and that the movement is intent on reaching their goals nonviolently. This also has the additional effect making the whites uncomfortable when they think how the blacks are not really the savages they think they are and are instead dignified, honorable people who continue to endure and that the whites are the true savage beasts. However, this is not the end. After portraying multiple examples of white brutality and the pain of the Negro people, however, King knows that it is important to give the Negro people a message of hope.

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