Expected essays for css 2018

SYLLABUS AND STANDARD FOR THE COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIO OF CANDIDATES FOR THE BALOCHISTAN CIVIL SERVICE AND BALOCHISTAN SECRETARIAT SERVICE. Enter your username and password in the expected essays for css 2018 provided to login, or click the ‘register’ button to create a profile for yourself. Medal of Appreciation: Awarded to appreciate member’s contribution on forum.

Diligent Service Medal: Awarded upon completion of 5 years of dedicated services and contribution to the community. In 2007, 23 candidates has been declared pass out of 29 vacant posts of A. Secretary of the provincial government and also posted in Balochistan Civil Secretariat according to the quota reserved for them. Balochistan Secretariat Service, last examination was conducted in 2007, and the successful candidates have been sent to training. Officers to this group are posted in Balochistan Civil Secretariat as.

PCS Examination is conducted by BPSC according to the vacancies available. Examination are not held on regular basis like CSS, whenever the Provincial Government send the vacancies to Commission than they announce the Examination and their date. Candidates are not allowed to avail more than three attempts. The examination shall include compulsory and optional subjects and every candidate shall take all the compulsory subjects and three of the optional subjects. A candidate shall answer the paper in English unless otherwise directed. English General and English Essay.

General Paper including Essay in Urdu, Baluchi, Pashto, Sindhi, Punjabi and Brahvi. General Knowledge including Every Day Science. English in to Language opted. Candidates will be expected to have grasp of the language and to understand poetry and prose, knowledge of literature as such will not form part of this paper.

Every Day Observation and Experience in this scientific aspect. 70 Marks will be allowed for General Knowledge and 30 Marks for Every Day Science. Pakistan Movement and Historical features of Pakistan. Non Muslims shall not be required to answer the questions on Islamic studies, but the paper will carry 100 marks for non-Muslim and for this purpose marks obtained by them will be multiplied by two in tabulation. The viva voce will be to test the personal qualities of the candidates.

Consideration will also be paid to the bearing and physique of the candidates. No matter how fast i run or how far i go it wont escape me, pain, misery, emptiness. Not more than two subjects shall be taken from each group. Not more than two subjects shall be taken from among papers 10, 11,18,19 and 34. Persian literature Period-I up to 1500 A. Persian literature Period-II after 1500 A. English History from 1714 A.

English History from 1789 A. Sectt, Wordsworth Lamb, Keats, Shelly, Byron and Jane Austen. Carlyle, Dickens, Thackeray, Tenson, Browing, Matho, Arnold and Thomas Hardy. NOTE: Special attention would be paid to the authors name and a candidate will be expected to be familiar with some of their works. In making the paper importance will be attached to evidence of the wide reading and independent judgment. Translation from the language into the English and from English into the language. Candidates will be expected to know the best known works in the language and to possess a knowledge of the history of the Literature and such knowledge of general social History as well enable them to understand the Literature.

Origin and Development of early prose. Abbasid period Poets, Scientists, Prose writers, Geographers, Historians, Philosophers and Medical writers, etc. Arabic Literature in Spain, Poets, Prose Writers, Geographers, Historians, Philosophers and Medical Writers etc. D, including also the literature produce in the Indo-Pak Sub-Continent. The candidate will also expected to answer questions regarding the cultural background of Persian literature in both above periods.

Questions may also be set on the History of Buddhism outside India. India from 1527 to 1857. Standard same as for Degree Examination. The Holy Prophet and the Orthodox Caliphs. Frequently distribution, average per centilese and simple methods of measuring dispersion, graphic methods treatment of qualitative data, e. Practical Methods used in the analysis and interpretation of statistics of prices, wages and incomes.

Trade, transport, production and consumption, education etc, methods of dealing with population and vital statistics. Miscellaneous methods used in handling statistics of experiment of observations. Elements of modern mathematical theory of statistics frequency and the mathematical representation of groups generally accuracy of sampling as affecting averages: percentages, the standard deviation significance of observed differences between averages of groups, etc. The theory of correlation for two variables. Mechanics and properties of Matters, Sound, Heat, Light, Magnetism and Electricity as for degree examination.

Organic Chemistry, each carrying equal marks. The standard is the same as for degree examination. Food preservation and Milk Products. Paints and Varnishes Coal Carbonization and Road Tars, Fermentation Industries, Water Purification, Waste disposal starch and allied products, Heavy Chemicals, Fertilizer Matches.

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