Example of cause and effect essay about smoking

What Kind of Girl Are You? The use of drugs is a controversial example of cause and effect essay about smoking in society today. In general, addicts show a direct link between taking drugs and suffering from their effects. People abuse drugs for a wide variety of reasons.

In most cases, the use of drugs will serve a type of purpose or will give some kind of reward. These reasons for use will differ with different kinds of drugs. Various reasons for using the substance can be pain relief, depression, anxiety and weariness, acceptance into a peer group, religion, and much more. Although reasons for using may vary for each individual, it is known by all that consequences of the abuse do exist.

It is only further down the line when the effects of using can be seen. Reasons for using drugs depend on the type of substance being taken. Two common examples of widely abused drugs are marijuana and cocaine. Since both of these have different effects, the individual will likely take the drug that can best resolve their problems or needs.

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