Ethics in human resource management essay

These are safe, secure, and efficient ways to make payment online. This main purpose of this paper was to conduct an analysis of strategic management issues in Marks and Ethics in human resource management essay. The paper provides a discussion of the strategic issues facing the organization, the goals that Marks and Spencer should be setting and the actions for recommendations within the firm and a strategy statement that summarized the recommended actions.

In addition, the paper provides an overview of the key elements of performance management system to develop the strategy. An analysis of the external and internal business environment of Marks and Spencer revealed diverse strategic issues in the firm. The paper established that the business model and the strategic approach deployed by Marks and Spencer were not effective in fostering competitive advantage and meeting the demands of the changing market place. Strategic management involves the transformation of organizational resources into elements that can enhance the performance of the organization, mostly in their external business environments. Some of the effective approaches to strategic management include the specification of the organizations vision and mission, development of well-planned policies and effective allocation of resources in order to facilitate the realization of the stipulated goals and objectives of the firm. Organizations are in dire need of strategic planning primarily because of the unpredictable trend of the global market place. The main objective behind strategic management is to uphold the competitive nature of business enterprise in the current dynamic and turbulent market place.

It is important for strategic plans to put more emphasis on outcome. An organization should therefore practice strategic management on a continual basis in order to meet the changing needs of the business enterprise. This can be achieved through the evaluation of strategic management strategies using variables such as feasibility, acceptability and its suitability in the current business context. Marks and Spencer was chosen for this report because it faces a number of strategic issues that resulted to its fall in profitability and market share. Marks and Spencer is arguably one of the largest retailers that are based in the UK. The company relies on its customers’ confidence on their brand.

Furthermore, research has reported that in the clothing industry, Marks and Spencer has a competitive edge over all its core competitors in terms of quality, customer trust and service, and diversity in product ranges. Over its existence, the company has focused on expansion of both scope of operation and product diversity, with a principal focus on the United Kingdom market. Currently, its global operations outside the United Kingdom comprise of mostly franchises, with a reported turnover of approximately 7. The following section provides an overview of the strategic issues facing Marks and Spencer.

PESTLE analysis is important in affecting the ways in Marks and Spencer undertakes its operations. The PESTLE framework can be combined with other analysis frameworks such as SWOT in order to effectively devise strategic management strategies. Marks and Spencer products and created an opportunity for the company to invest in the Eastern Europe. Some of the legal factors affecting the external operation for Marks and Spencer include the National legislation regarding the health and safety of the consumers, in the sense that the company must ensure that it adheres to consumer rights and production of clothes using renewable natural resources.

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