Essay about cancer awareness

Cervical cancer is highly preventable in most Western countries because screening tests and a vaccine to prevent human papillomavirus infections are available. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Note: Javascript essay about cancer awareness disabled or is not supported by your browser. For this reason, some items on this page will be unavailable.

What Can I Do to Reduce My Risk? How Are Gynecologic Cancers Treated? What Are the Risk Factors? What Should I Know About Screening? How Is Cervical Cancer Diagnosed and Treated?

How Is Ovarian Cancer Treated? How Is Uterine Cancer Treated? Diagram of the female genital tract depicting fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, cervix, vagina, and vulva. Cancer is always named for the part of the body where it starts, even if it spreads to other body parts later. When cervical cancer is found early, it is highly treatable and associated with long survival and good quality of life. What are the risk factors?

What can I do to reduce my risk? What should I know about screening? How is cervical cancer diagnosed and treated? Cervical cancer can be prevented.

Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin – New Currency Revealed Today by the U. Why Didn’t She Just Leave? You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in our country who hasn’t been affected by breast cancer—more than 100 women die from this disease every single day. To do so, we need to fund medical research.

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