Educating special needs students essay

We’ve created an in-depth resource section featuring recommendations and resources to help educators, educating special needs students essay, and families to work together around this complex topic. This resource section about teaching English language learners is filled with strategies, ideas, recommendations, resources, videos, and news from the ELL field.

Resources are organized by the topics below. ESL teachers have a variety of important roles in their schools and districts. Some may be assigned to a specific grade or students, while others travel from building to building each day. Learn more about the unique opportunity that ESL teachers have to collaborate, advocate, and lead their colleagues in the resources below.

These booklists for children celebrate a wide range of cultures, languages, and experiences. They are perfect for read-alouds and bedtime stories, as well as for author studies! You can also get to know some of the featured authors in our Meet the Authors section. If you’re looking for books for older kids and teenagers, take a look at these booklists for grades 4-12 organized by topic and representing a wide range of cultures and perspectives. Thoughout the year, there are lots of opportunities to celebrate different cultures, events, and holidays with books!

Here are some of the events that we highlight each year, along with recommended classroom resources, booklists, videos, and activities. Colorín Colorado’s rich library of video content includes classroom videos from schools around the country, professional development webcasts, and interviews with educators, administrators, researchers, and authors of children’s and young adult literature. Colorín Colorado’s professional development webcasts on ELL topics feature a 45-minute video program, which includes discussion with educators and researchers from the field, recommended readings, and suggested discussion questions. This section offers school leaders with growing ELL populations ideas and strategies to create an environment in which ELLs can succeed. Resources include articles, recommended reports, professional books, and expert interviews.

Paraprofessionals who work alongside ELLs may do so in a variety of settings with a variety of roles. These tips offer paraprofessionals guidance on supporting ELLs. Our one-page Reading Tip Sheets offer easy ways for parents to help kids become successful readers and they are available in 11 languages! ELL for the first time, you probably have many questions on how to best help this population succeed. We’ve gathered some of Frequently Asked Questions from our audience, as well as FAQs from parents too. Explore esta sección y descubra múltiples recursos en Internet que le serán de gran utilidad al ayudar a sus hijos triunfar. Aquí encontrará enlaces a organizaciones educativas y grupos que enfocan en la salud familiar, así como recursos para que padres y maestros apoyen el desarrollo saludable de los niños.

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