Cleanliness in islam essay

These are safe, secure, and efficient ways to make payment online. The various world cleanliness in islam essay have different belief systems that often shape their practices, dominant practices, explanation of for evil and afterlife among other attributes. In the light of this view, the two almost similar in many aspects of belief systems are Christianity and Islam, which both share a historical and traditional connection, this stems from the fact that Islam and Christianity originated both the Middle East.

In addition, Christianity and Islam share the two golden commandments regarding the significance of showing love for God and love for one’s neighbor. Regardless of the similarities between Islam and Christianity, there are substantial theological differences between the two religions. God is a serious sin. Jesus Christ as the last prophet although they view Jesus as being the Messiah. The goal of the paper is to compare and contrast the beliefs and faiths of Christianity and Islam on two perspectives: the places of worship and the practice of prayer for both religions.

Both Islam and Christian make use of different places for worship although they are all perceived as the houses of God. Muslims often worship in the mosque, which is a structural building used for worship. Mosques usually arrange a formal schedule for prayer daily to facilitate the daily prayers. On the other hand, Christians often worship in a church, which often refers to a gathering or an assembly of people for the purposes of worshipping God. Christians usually conduct their worship on Sundays although the church may be used for conducting prayers during other days of the week. There are a number of similarities and differences relating to how believers should conduct themselves while in the place of worship and overall arrangement of the sermons that take place between the place of worship for Islam and Christianity. Fundamentally, all the places of worship for both Christians and Muslims are used for performing religious functions such as praying and worship and a number of religious services that are specific to either Christianity or Islam.

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