Christianity and judaism essay

Are Judaism and Christianity as Christianity and judaism essay as Islam? History, Islam, Jews and Judaism Are Judaism and Christianity as Violent as Islam? Where Is the Latest Iranian ‘Revolution’ Headed?

Is the Western Wall Judaism’s Holiest Site? Are Jihadi Motives Really a Mystery? Islam imposed itself by the sword is a Western fiction, fabricated during the time of the Crusades when, in fact, it was Western Christians who were fighting brutal holy wars against Islam. So announces former nun and self-professed “freelance monotheist,” Karen Armstrong. This quote sums up the single most influential argument currently serving to deflect the accusation that Islam is inherently violent and intolerant: All monotheistic religions, proponents of such an argument say, and not just Islam, have their fair share of violent and intolerant scriptures, as well as bloody histories. Judeo-Christianity, are as riddled with violent passages. The Crusades were violent and led to atrocities by the modern world’s standards under the banner of the cross and in the name of Christianity.

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