Bullying needs to stop essay

Please forward this error screen to 108. Bullying needs to stop essay is when people attack other people on the Internet through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. Cyberbullying is very serious and can lead to teens being self-destructive. Facts for teens stated that nearly 50 percent of teens have been bullied online before.

Nine out of ten teens have gotten their feelings hurt online. There is just too many of us being affected by Cyberbullying. We have to do something. Facts for teens also stated that girls are way more likely to be victims of cyberbullying.

This makes sense because girls tend to have more drama, this concerns me because girls aren’t strong enough to handle all of the insults like guys are. Girls are more emotional and sensitive. Cyberbullying can lead to anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Once things are posted on the Internet, they are there forever. Like for example, a picture that was posted of my friend a while back was recently posted all over facebook. My question is, has anyone out of that sixty percent tried to do anything to stop the bullying?

I bet only a couple have, because Cyberbullying still goes on daily. One of the most shocking facts would have to be that one million kids were harassed, threatened, or subjected to other forms of cyberbullying on facebook in the past year! One million is an awful lot of kids. This number really needs to be decreased. The age range of kids being bullied online is nine through sixteen.

It’s very upsetting to think about. Most of the bullying is done via instant messaging. It is proven by statistics that cyberbullying decreases kid’s self-esteem. A person is just incomplete without it. Middle school students are the most likely to commit suicide.

Middle school students are very young. Just think about your little brother or sister thinking about killing their selves. Or if you’re a parent, think about your son or daughter trying to take their lives away. Sexting is also a version of cyber bullying.

Many times, when girls send nude pictures to guys, they somehow get out, and the girls nudes are quickly exposed on social networks. Think about the unbearable embarrassment that those girls are feeling. Only 51 percent of kids say that they don’t think about the repercussions that would come with saying hurtful things to people on the Internet. We have got to somehow get kids to understand how important it is to think before you type mean things on the Internet. It seems like kids are afraid to speak up about being cyber bullied. They are probably scared of being called a snitch, or being bullied even more.

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